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How Contactless Collection works:


View our menu and order online.

Phone order.JPG

Or order and pay by calling 0749113638

Freshly prepared by our talented chefs.J

Our talented chefs prepare and carefully pack your food - as closely to how it would look in the restaurant as possible.

Drive to The Church Rockhill.JPG

Drive to 

The Church Restaurant, Bar and Cafe,

Rockhill House Estate,



F92 EC5H

Follow the signage.JPG

Follow the signage along the avenue.

Tip: Drive slowly and keep an eye out for our pheasants, squirrels and other wildlife as you make your way through the woodland.

Details checked.JPG

At your turn exit the carpark on the left and pull forward to the collection point.

We will check your details and collect your order from the kitchen.

Stop at collection point.JPG

Our large stone dogs will greet you (and maybe Liath, our real one).

Pass by them and immediately turn right into the carpark.

Tip: Enjoy the view across the valley or up the hill towards Rockhill House while you wait.

Open your boot.JPG

Open your boot and sit back into your car.

Order placed in your boot.JPG

We will place your order in the boot and give you a thumbs up.

Move forward and close your boot.JPG

Pull forward to give space for the next car and close your boot.


Head home and enjoy. 


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