The Church Restaurant, Bar and Café

Nice to see you...

We've all found ourselves saying things like "in these unprecedented times", "the new normal"  and "hope you are all keeping well"  lately.

But if you know us and have been following our story over the last few years on social media or have just been following our journey lately on our new blog you know the team here at Rockhill are the sort who says "Nice to see you!" and "Take care" as second nature - because we truly mean it.

It has been a difficult 9 months for us all, but we have all had the time to rediscover the meaning behind those little habits of care and community and why they are so important.

You have given us much needed encouragement over recent months by helping us in our efforts to care for our community and support and retain jobs; here on the Estate, through our local suppliers and in our wider community. 


For that, we thank you sincerely! 

As a locally owned family business with wellness at our core, our highest priority is our duty of care to your health, safety and well-being and that of our team.


We have decided that we will re-open on-site for what we are calling "Delicious December" (and hopefully well beyond) but only with the full commitment of our team and community to our core re-opening principles. 


These include:


1. Fastidious attention to hygiene and sanitation at every level throughout the day by our team.


2. Providing the means for our guests to sanitise or wash hands at all designated locations.


3. Optimising our rural location in terms of social distancing by creating additional outside dining spaces.


4. Maintaining 2 meters as the basic requirement for now regardless of any national move to reduce this to 1 meter.

This will be reviewed regularly.

5. Operating separate guest entrance & exits.


6. The appointment of a dedicated team member to supervise all matters relating to day to day operation.

7. A commitment from all our team that if they are, for any reason, unwell that they will not report for work unless checked out by a medical professional.

8. Monitoring of all team members temperatures on arrival for work.

9. The wearing of face coverings by all our team.

10. Our chefs remain focused on serving nutritious and delicious fresh food that is prepared safely.

11. Continuing to track and review both HSE, Government and Industry Best Practice Standards in the sole interest of you our potential guests and our team.

12. Maintain our Church At Home service by way of a Contactless Collection service for those that wish to find a slower way back or one more suited to their personal need.

We still have a long way to go in the journey back. It will not be easy for anyone in our community.  

It will be especially challenging for small and medium businesses and their staff. It will be important for us all to encourage and support local enterprise in whatever way we can. As a community, we must also prepare and to extend a warm Donegal welcome to all visitors, be they local, domestic or overseas as they begin to travel and visit again.

Ultimately, we will be here, as always, with a "nice to see you" and ready to support you to do whatever you feel is best for you and your loved ones.

Thank you again for your continued support,

The Molloy Family and The Church Team