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Escape to the hills

Live Local, Love Rockhill

Take to the hills...

Turning off the Crieve road and past the old sports field (now home to our polytunnel - part of our sustainability plans) you'd be forgiven for thinking you are much further from Letterkenny than you are.

In fact, as you move through the 100-acre woodland you will feel a world apart from the buzz of the town you can catch glimpses of in the valley below.

Did you know..?

The Church Restaurant, Bar and Café Bar takes its name from the days Irish Defence Forces time on the Estate - serving as both a bar and church. 

Though its use has changed its central role in our community has not, remaining a home for the stories of the army times, tales from long before and those much more recent - all told a little differently depending on the teller but always worth letting time stand still to enjoy!

Pond side flowers at The Church Restaurant, Bar and Café

Openness and ease

birdsong at the church rockhill

As you make your way up the meandering avenue keep a lookout for our wild albino hen pheasant who is sometimes spotted making her way from the stream to the meadow. 


The two carved stone dogs that greet you as you approach the carpark are in honour of all of the loyal companions of Irish Defence force during their time on the site  - as many as 5 at times (at least according to some of our local regulars).

Today there is one, our resident Irish Wolfhound, Liath.

Before you head inside, enjoy the view across the valley and have a look over the carpark hedge at the old helipad and the metal munition stores sitting on the remnants of trees the "boys" would shelter under with a sneaky cigarette when the "aul boy" wasn't looking.

Want to stay outside and enjoy the fresh, hillside breeze while looking across Letterkenny? 

No problem, just let us know and enjoy our outdoor seating or enjoy fresh air and birdsong from our fully heated, glass-walled terrace overlooking our pond with its pizza oven and impressive copper fireplace.

Just beyond our pond and bog garden is the lost walled garden. Though currently closed for restoration, the walled garden will soon welcome back visitors and will, in addition to our roadside polytunnel, supply our kitchen at The Church.

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