Local produce presented at its finest

At The Church we believe our food should be a reflection of us. Every aspect of dining at The Church is inspired and shaped by the people, the produce, the landscape and the climate here in Donegal, on the edge of Europe.

We strive to ensure our precious environment is nurtured, protected and fortified and work closely with our suppliers to ensure this is the case throughout our supply chain.

By working together we are able to provide a true taste of Donegal, the North West and Ireland, evident in the colours, textures, aromas and tastes that arrive on your plate. We would like to thank all of our local business partners for assisting us in this.


Some of our local suppliers include:


Green Pastures Donegal

Coughlan's Artisan Bakery

Natural Dairies

Trio Foods

Doherty Roe Fruit and Vegetables

Derek McClure

Starcrest Seafoods


J Kelly and Sons Ltd