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A Story well lived

The Church Community Heritage Project

Rockhill To Our Community:


Photo credit: Irish Defence Force

15 years ago, on January 28th 2009, the Irish defence forces marched out of Rockhill for the final time.

To mark this and celebrate the some 400 years that Rockhill has been at the heart of our community - having served as a multi-generational family home, a national school, an Irish teacher training college and between 1936 and 2009 a barracks for the Irish Defence Forces –  in 2021 we began a new project to gather, preserve and celebrate our shared history and heritage.

Having gathered video histories from neighbours about their school days on the Estate before the Army days, dug through records and heard "Do you know that...!" more than once; we want to hear from you so future generations will know just how special Rockhill House Estate is to us all.

Did you sneak into the orchard as a kid?

Something you remember could lead us to find a lost variety of apple someone has a cutting of growing in their garden.

Know someone who swears they know where the legendary tunnel to Ballymacool is?


You could unwittingly be the keeper of a piece of local legend.

Know something about the railway line in 1859?

Have pictures of a wild night out in The Church during the army days?

Know anything about the hydroelectric station?

Have a great video of one of the fun runs?

It could be the missing part of an unfinished Rockhill story.

Or maybe you remember a story your grandparents used to tell?

You might know something that no one else knows.

We want to hear from you!

Know a piece of local history or folklore that isn't directly about Rockhill House Estate but is an important part of our local community? A place, idea, name or ritual largely forgotten to time but still important. 

We want to hear from you too!

Want to get creative and tell your Rockhill story through poetry, art or music?

Get in touch with us.   

Everything gathered will be preserved for future generations to explore and enjoy and will be used to inspire future projects on the Estate.
Tag us on social media, use the #livelocalloverockhill, send us an email or type your story and upload pictures and videos below.


The Church and Rockhill House share our favourite pictures and some stories from our archive on our social media.

You can submit your story on the form below or by email to with the subject line "The Church History Project".

Want to get involved but not sure how to best tell your story? Drop us an email and we will discuss ways for you to take part.

Want to know more about our history?

Find us on Facebook, learn about Rockhill House on their website or read the letter book kept by the then land steward Robert Rankin Robinson starting in 1893 - available in digital format on the Donegal County Council website and viewable here.

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