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Celebrating a Local Donegal Treasure: Irish Grass-Fed Beef Earns EU Recognition!

Here at The Church restaurant and bar, we've always been proud to showcase the bounty of our beautiful county, Donegal and excellent Irish produce. From the freshest seafood hauled straight from the Atlantic to the hearty vegetables nurtured by our fertile soil both on the Estate and beyond Rockhill House, we use local ingredients to create dishes that are not only delicious but also tell a story about this special place and the people who make it possible.

It is a pride of tradition that is central to our family - being core to our production of grass-fed Irish milk and cheese at Natural Dairies and Green Pastures Donegal (which we use in our dishes) for two generations.

And the stories of place and people are now EU recognised!

We raise a glass to the recent recognition of Irish grass-fed beef under the EU Protected Geographical Indicators (PGI) scheme. 

A chef holds a marbled joint of grass fed Irish beef

This recognition signifies that Irish grass-fed beef meets the highest standards of quality and production. It's a testament to the generations of Irish farmers who have perfected the art of raising cattle on lush, green pastures, resulting in:

Exceptional taste: Grass-fed beef has a deeper, more complex flavour compared to grain-fed varieties.

Health benefits: Studies suggest that grass-fed beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain fed alternatives, both of which are beneficial for heart health when consumed as part of a balanced diet. It is also packed with a variety of other nutrients.

Superior tenderness: The natural movement and exercise of grazing cattle contribute to incredibly tender and juicy meat.

A chargrilled steak surrounded by roast vegetables and a sprig of thyme

At the Church, we believe in supporting local businesses and showcasing the best produce our region has to offer. We source our produce from farmers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring you experience the true essence of our community. 

a man and woman and their young daughter and son standing in a field with reddish orange cattle. Their white two storey house can be seen in the distant background

While the farming sector is imperfect and issues in the industry remain, with the PGI recognition of Irish grass-fed beef, consumers around the world can be confident that they're getting a product to be proud of. 

So, the next time you're in Letterkenny, be sure to stop by The Church, on the Rockhill House Estate and try one of our mouth watering beef dishes. Whether you savour our signature sirloin steak, indulge in our hearty beef stew, or try our succulent burgers, you can be confident you're enjoying a product that reflects the dedication of our local producers and the rich heritage of our region. 

We guarantee you'll taste the difference that comes from quality, locally sourced ingredients.

A white bowl of Irish beef stew with onions, potatoes and carrot. Two spoons, a small jar of garden peas and a string tied sprig of herbs sit beside it.

That's it for this week on The Church blog.

Know a great local supplier we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.

About us:

As a locally owned family business with 40 years of experience in international award-winning food production in Donegal and the North-West of Ireland; we know the importance of place, quality and sustainability in producing the best tasting food.

At our home on the Rockhill House Estate a network of passionate local producers and our own growing spaces keep our talented chefs supplied with fresh, seasonal produce for use when it is at its finest.

Our name originates in the building's former use: serving as both a bar and recreation space for the Irish Defences Forces and locals, and on Sunday a local place of worship.


Visit us to taste the best of the of the North-West of Ireland and see how our history, heritage and location overlooking Letterkenny inspires us to create truly delicious dishes. 

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