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On the Edge

In Mid March our House and Restaurant business, like that of many small businesses came to a grinding halt.

Little did I think when making our pitch to Failte Ireland the previous Autumn for a tourism project we called the “Museum on the Edge” (which would tell the story of the Flight of the Earls and the lead into the Ulster Plantation) that my reference to the impact of a ‘Black Swan Event’ would be so close to reality.

But now Covid-19 was reality and it was truly a Black Swan Event but perhaps not as unpredictable as we now believe, but that’s for another day.

Looking back now those first few weeks were like that of a pilot flying a plane in a storm and suffering one hit after another while seeking to gain some kind of control. Major decisions were been made literally on the fly. The government TWSS Scheme announcement gave hope that we could retain our team. But within weeks we found that we were not able to recover our outgoings and so we had to lay off all those involved while we sought to resolve matters. Each individuals situation was different and each as important as the next with fear of the unknown the major constant.

Along with the tasks of closing down the Church and House came the task of talking to the many couples that had booked their weddings with us for dates running from March to December and indeed beyond. Many were overseas and had spent months co-coordinating their wedding day and so there was initially a hope expressed by many that by the time their date approached the three month stage that this event would have passed.