Exploring the world with food

So many of you enjoyed our pancake recipes that we are thinking about sharing some more of our favourite, simple, recipes for you to try at home when we aren't in the kitchen. If that is something you'd like to see on the blog let us know in the comments (at the very bottom of the page). But this week we all went on holidays (well, sort of)... As we were working on our new Spring takeway menu for The Church, a conversation about travel began. As things have a habit of doing around here, it quickly turned to food.

As we were chatting about how food is often the best part of travelling, Chef Wendy started thinking about her own adventures. For Wendy, food and travel brings thoughts of cherries and Spain. Her favourite restaurant when she visited (and then went to live there) was remote - perched high up on a mountain but worth trekking out of the way for. This time of year made it even more worthwhile when the whole area was suddenly filled with an explosion of cherry blossom. As if that image wasn't wonderful enough, she decided to make her recipe for dark chocolate and cherry torte and give us all a little taste of her special place in Spain.

A little slice of Spain in our Letterkenny kitchen

Food is a wonderful way to get to know a place. Few things speak to the heart of a culture like it!