Recipe: Flip it! Let's make pancakes!

Máirt na hInide, Lá na bPancóg, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday...

It is the day someone we know puts their last store potato on a bare patch of ground as a test of their soil and spirit of place - if their birds and wildlife leave anything by St Patrick's Day, nature is ready. If not, "Wait! Share what you have until they tell you it is time to sow". It has many names and traditions.

But Pancake Tuesday is celebrated in Letterkenny and Donegal in much the same way as around the world. This year might be a bit different in a lot of ways, but Pancake Tuesday is still the perfect day to get into the kitchen, have some fun and get creative with toppings and flavours!

The taunting "Oh! Did you want to taste it? Too late! LOL" message pancake - A golden sugar, Chinese five spice pancake with caramelised pear and salted caramel.

Whether it is ritual, memory, belief or listening to nature; many of us enjoy a day of feasting around this time of year. Whatever inspired us to do it, we've been making pancakes...and it got us excited about a new season of local produce and our Spring menu for The Church.

We have to admit, we had some flipping fun making some of our favourites!

But, between us all in the kitchen we came up with our best measurements (everyone has "their" recipe) and tips for you to try at home.